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Cindy Maddera


I've decided that I might have an addiction problem. I think I may be addicted to Food Trucks. I was practically skipping all day yesterday with the anticipation of dinner from a food truck. And I will say, dinner did not disappoint. We started off with the Magical Meatball Tour. Chris had the classic Italian sub and I had the spinach balls. Their sign boasts that these are the best balls you'll ever put in your mouth and I have to say they are not bragging. Chris followed his sub up with a ChiDog from Nuvo Dog, while I munched on some Asiago, truffle chips. Then for dessert we had cupcakes from Coffee Cake KC. But the best part came while Chris and I were licking the last of the light dreamy frosting from our fingers. We overhead this woman talking to another woman about her new project. She's in charge of putting together the Food Truck Festival in Westport. As she was saying her goodbyes to the other woman, I stopped her and asked about the festival and you know what? That woman gave us two free tickets to the event. Score! You know what's funny? The woman said to us that if we promise that we'll go, she'd give us these tickets. I almost said to her "Lady, if you only knew who were talking to".

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