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Cindy Maddera


I am not a photographer. I like to take pictures. I like to capture the things that happen around me. I like to take pictures of the people I love. I like the gear and fancy lenses because they sparkle and they are shiny. And I have been known on occasion to do a little research on lighting and techniques. But I'm not a photographer. Lately it seems that this is very apparent. I've gotten lazy with my 365 Day Project and it seems that half my pictures are of me stuffing food into my mouth or of plates of food that we are about to stuff into our mouths. There's this big beautiful cemetery I pass on my way to and from work every day and every morning I think I should stop on my home and take some pictures. The lighting is perfect in the evenings and bounces of the hills and monuments in a magic way. But every evening I'm tired and anxious to get home and I pass by that cemetery.

Today, I stopped. Today I followed the light all the way towards the back of that cemetery. I crossed little stone bridges and Virgin Mary statues and I found this. This old mausoleum was hiding in the back waiting to be discovered. And I stopped and I even took the time to futz around with the manual settings on the camera.

189/365 Ruins
Iron work

I didn't spend as much time as I should have, but those few moments of peace where all that I needed. I'm glad I stopped. Today, I played photographer.