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I stared at the blinking cursor on my screen for a long time. It's not that I have nothing to be thankful for this week. It's just that I am thankful for things that I can't put into words. I am lucky. I have good people in my life. I have friends and family that are good at being supportive and oh so kind. I am thankful every day for this. One thing I can put into words is how thankful I am for the weather. When I talked to my dad the other day, the high here was 90. That was the warmest for the week. Meanwhile, dad has been able to cook peanuts by just leaving his roaster out in the sun. Also, we've had at least three days of rain. Chris and I planted veggies for a Fall harvest on Sunday and I think that I already see some things sprouting. 

This weekend will be a home body weekend. I am thankful for this too. I resolve to record two yoga classes to send to some of my former students, maybe get some things posted on EBay and  get all those cards organized from BlogHer. I am also considering starting a little pen-pal project this weekend. So, I am thankful for the time and the ideas.

Hope all have a perfect day and Thankful Friday.