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I thought I'd be able to sit down and type up an entry about the things I got from BlogHer11, but as I started writing just on the first session I sat in on, the entry just went on and on and on. So, I'm going to have to give it to you in pieces. The first session I attended was called Your Perfect Imperfections: Blogging Your Way To Self Acceptance. It was moderated by Gretchen Rubin with Dr. Brene Brown, Mr. Lady and Shauna James Ahern. I was drawn to this one because I had read The Happiness Project. Also, I've seen Dr. Brown's TED Talk. But I was just as interested to hear the other two women's stories, particularly Shauna James Ahern. Her blog is beautiful. Go see it. It's full of colorful images and stories of living a gluten free life. She is so warm and joyful and has the most inviting beautiful smile. I was completely floored by her response to an audience question dealing with mean commentors.

She said that there was a person out there that listened to everything she says and then mocks it on a website completely devoted to mocking the Gluten Free Girl. My jaw dropped to the floor. Why on earth would someone want to actually spend time and waste energy on bashing this woman and her food blog?!?! Brene told Shauna that people hate her because she's so joyful. This in my head is a totally fucked up concept, but I get it. People who don't feel worthy of love and acceptance take the sad but easy route to bash those who do feel those things.

Something else I wasn't prepared for was bursting into ugly cry while introducing myself to Brene Brown. This is the woman that inspired me to work hard at being my authentic self and being my authentic self (I believe) is what got me my new job. And as I was talking to her about this, my new job and my new life, the tears just bubbled up and over and then the blubbering began. Before I knew it the woman behind me was crying and I was blurting out that we were buying a house and HOLY SHIT WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE!!! Yeah...

Well, my take away from this is to continue on my path of being my authentic self. There was also a lot of talk of owning your story, not being afraid to tell that story and being vulnerable. I feel there are times I'd like to share something, just to get it out of my head, but I don't for fear of pissing someone off. And I know where that fear comes from and I'm thinking it's time to get over that. There's no reason I can't share my stories of healing, of moving past obstacles. I've been so focused on this blog being all about building positives. But I'm not that happy and positive 24 hours a day. I struggle and I think it's healthy for people to know that I struggle, but in that struggle I've found a way to find peace and happiness.