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I attended a session called Food Photography That Will Feed Your Soul. It was presented by Penny De Los Santos. I thought this would be a good session since it seems I'm always taking pictures of the food we eat, but I also thought the format for the session would be "here's a plate of food, let's photograph it". It most certainly was not. Instead, Penny regaled us with a slide show of her images along with the stories behind each one. This girl is on staff for the National Geographic. That should give you some idea of the total awesomeness of her images. She told us about her transition from documentary photographer to food photographer and how she wasn't sure how she was going to do it. She loved telling peoples stories through photography, but food? How does that work? What she realized is that she can still tell a story; it just includes food. Makes sense because, think about it, people always gravitate to the kitchen or around the dinner table. What you get most from Penny when you listen to her, is her undying passion for what she does. She loves her job.

I took two pages of notes and she gave out some good photography tips (look for the light!), but the most important thing I walked away with was inspiration. I've gotten pretty lazy with taking pictures these days. I know very little about my new camera and rarely use the manual settings. Penny's presentation gave me the kick in the pants to push myself, to not be afraid to turn that little dial to M. Because of that, I took this.


I think this is the most honest, beautiful photo of Kizz that I could ever take. (Side note: I love this woman dearly and she is now part of my tribe and look at that beautiful white neck!) Kizz said that Chris and I should start a food blog. Funny, because we actually talk about doing this all the time. Hmmm....

Happy Love Thursday!