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Cindy Maddera


When I found this leaf, it was damp and held the perfect shape of a heart. But as the day wore on, the leaf became dry and started to curl. It was fragile and the scars and damage were clearly visible. How many of us have hearts that look the same? There is heartbreak over unrequited love. Scars left behind from mean words thrown our way. Holes left from loved ones lost. But what's amazing is, though the heart looks fragile it is actually quite resilient. Breaks heal, scars fade and holes can be filled. It will never dry up and blow away because each day it gets washed in the love that exists around us in this present moment. Each day we allow ourselves to love and accept love, the heart grows stronger so that the little upsets down the road can heal. But I think it's the acceptance of love that gives us the most strength.

Happy Love Thursday.