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Last year while I sat at my gate waiting to board a plane for New York, I noticed a stylish young woman sitting a few seats over. She was wearing a long pencil style skirt with a cute blouse. She had on a very cute hat, similar to one I got in Portland. On her feet were cute brown shoes and a matching hand bag sat at her side. She made me very aware of the fact that I was in yoga pants and eating a cinnamon roll. I also remember wondering if maybe she too was headed to New York and to BlogHer. She wasn't; we parted ways in Dallas, never speaking. There's something about traveling alone. Without someone else to focus your attention onto, your attentions can easily drift to the strangers around you. I like to make up stories about them and where they may be headed. I try to imagine who that person really is or if they are pretending to be someone else for the day. For instance, the stylish young woman above. She never really dresses that way, but has a special traveling outfit that she wears every year so that when she reaches her destination, her lover can spot her in an instant. They spend a glorious week together before they must part and return to their separate lives.

It also makes me feel better about wearing the yoga pants, because I will never be that stylish young woman. I am the Bohemian traveler with fig bars and almond snacks in her bag, carrying her own water bottle promising to her readers that she will blog at least once on this trip.

Happy Love Thursday!