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The Facebook events that prompted this entry couldn't have come at a better time. I think it planted a seed and the sessions I attended at BlogHer acted as the water to make it grow. Sitting in on the International Activist Scholarship Winners session really makes me appreciate the freedoms I have. This years scholarship winners were Reem Amir Abbas, Simone Leid and Yoani Sanchez and the session was moderated by Cheryl Contee. Cheryl Contee is one cool chic. Check out the work she does. All of these women are remarkable , blogging in unsafe territory. Yoani Sanchez could only speak to us through a video she had sent. The Cuban government refused to let her leave the country and she is currently under house arrest. For her blog. Now this is were you stop and let that sink in. No matter what your gripes are towards our government, you at least have the freedoms to write and post what ever it is you want to say for who ever wants to read it.

I also sat in on the Owning Your Beauty session moderated by Rita Arens. Panelist were Karen Walrond, Jess Weiner, Kate Harding and Stephanie Nielson. I intentionally went to see Karen and I had met Rita the night before. She's a KC girl and she swept me into her gaggle of fellow KC bloggers. But the woman I related to the most was Kate. Her blog focuses on being healthy at any size and learning to be comfortable in your present skin. I can't tell you how long it took me to get to that place in my life.

So how do these two tie together for my second lesson. Well, there was a lot a talk about changing the language. Changing how we talk and think about differences. I have the freedom to and the power to do just that. But just not with my words. I've decided that once we get the house settled, I'll start teaching yoga again. On a volunteer basis. I see a class of underprivileged girls or women of low income families. I see myself teaching these women that they are beautiful and they are worthy through yoga. That's what I want.

OK...just one more lesson, but that's for another day.