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Cindy Maddera

Right now, I am in the process of making my way home and I'm currently sitting on the floor of the Phoenix airport waiting to get on my second and last flight of the day. And I'm tired. Be aware this post may ramble and since I'm just not ready to tell you about BlogHer11 yet, this post has very little direction. Direction. There's something to think about. We all have this perceived notion of what direction our lives will or should take dont we? Like, by this age I should have at least two kids, a house, a retirement plan. By this age, I should be a grown up. But then I start to question. What is a grown up? The people reading in this Year's Voices of The Year Keynote each had to answer three questions as part of their introduction. One of the questions was something about what you looked forward to most about being a grown up when you were a kid? There were answers like "I will drink as much soda pop as I want" or "No one will tell me what to do". All of the answers where clever and funny (dur...this was BLOGHER!) but it left me with the realization that nobody knows what it means to be a grown up.

I have a lot to think about. Some of it has to do with direction and purpose. And some of it is simply how to tell about my trip. Did I mention I was tired? Any hoo...more to come. I promise.