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Cindy Maddera


Chris and I had some business to take care of in Oklahoma City. So we boarded the dog and hopped into our (decrepit) car and headed south. Into God's oven. Or Hell. However you care to look at it. These quick trips are so bitter sweet. We spend more time on the road getting from Point A to Point B than we do actually being there and seeing people. I think that's why I keep telling people to come up here and visit. I'd be sure to get more one-on-one time. As it was, Chris and I took a divide and conquer approach. We spent Friday night at Misti's, got up the next morning and took care of a couple of things before Chris dropped me off at the salon so Misti could cut my hair. From there, Stephanie picked me up for lunch where we lingered for over an hour. Then we decided to get pedicures. I haven't had a pedicure in over a year. I felt really sorry for the girl in charge of my feet. Then Steph dropped me off at Traci's, where Chris had been hanging out and we all went to dinner. From there we went to Norman to hang with The Jens and that's where we spent the night. The next morning, we met Misti for brunch before making the long trek home. Whew!

I tend to get hung up on the things I didn't do, the people I didn't see. Time is a bitch. But it's when I get hung up on all of that that I really have to focus on the things I did and the people I spent time with. I had most of the day with Steph. We haven't had a day for just the two of us in a really, really long time. I think we both needed that more than we were willing to say and it was good. And when I think of the time spent together, I know I made the right decision to just be with her and not cram so much into what little time we had.

Next time. There's always a next time.