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Cindy Maddera


I want a weekend of ease. The last weekend was full of no power and garage cleaning and laundry and blah. For this weekend, I want one day of cleaning up (really only half a day) around the house and some light gardening. Then I want two days of fun. I want good food. I want a glass or two of wine. I want fireworks (wink wink). I want a snow cone from this place. But most of all, I want peace and quiet and to just sit switching a light switch on and off. I am thankful that this is a weekend where all of the above is a possibility. I am thankful that we are in recovery mode, but even without electricity, I am thankful for the roof over our heads. Too many  people can't even say that. So we went a few days without power. We still had plumbing, running water, hot water at that, and an extension cord. We also had a camp stove and realized very quickly that there's plenty of tasty dishes that can be concocted on a one burner camp stove.

I am thankful for all of the usual, for the many wonderful blessing in my life. Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend and a happy Thankful Friday.