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This time next week I will be in San Diego for BlogHer 2011. I bought my ticket way before the job interview, the new job and move to a new city. So, really, I haven't thought too much about it and at one point I even thought about selling my ticket. I didn't need to go. I didn't need to spend the money. And for a short bit of time, the idea of going started to weigh heavy on my mind. But in the last few weeks I have found myself looking forward to the trip and the conference. I'm looking forward to seeing those people in person whose blog I read every day. I'm looking forward to all the hugs and goodwill. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and learning some new things. Most of all, I'm looking forward to seeing Kizz and dragging her onto the Midway (I had thought about sail boating, but Kizz harbors a hilarious childhood trauma, so I let her off the hook). And as I sit and type up this entry, I suddenly can't wait. Maybe I do need this.

Chris made my cards. Aren't they lovely? I can't wait to hand them out. But right now. Right this minute. I'm just going to enjoy the moment of anticipation. I'm going to relish in promises of new and the old friends and the new adventures and the new stories. It's like that feeling you'd get the night before your birthday or Christmas. I think I'm going to hold onto that for little while.

Happy Love Thursday!