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Cindy Maddera


What's the difference between house and home? Early June, our landlord told us that he had to sell the house we are living in. At first, I panicked at the idea of finding a new place to live, but then I asked him how much he wanted for it. Chris and I looked at each other from the corner of our eyes and both said "SOLD!" at the same time. So, we are buying a house. We are buying the house we are currently living in. We are buying a home. It still seems surreal to us. We've picked out paint colors and have purchased a couple of things. I've drawn a sketch of the living room and how I'd like it to look. I've picked out some pictures I'd like to print out and frame, because I can do that now. I put things on the walls. We can have a place of our very own.

And it feels good. It feels good to finally, after all the struggle and unsure and hem-haw, to finally have a place of our very own. A home and not just a place we are occupying in this moment. The other day I looked at Chris and said "We will put up a Christmas tree in our house". I realize it's not the structure that makes a home, but the people in it. But now, all those ideas and "if we had a place we'd do this" can happen. I am living in a moment were we can make really good things happen. It's a nice change of pace.

You don't know how hard it's been keeping this "secret" (I've already told some people, because it was too much of a secret. Chris didn't want to say anything until closing, but he gave in too). Happy Love Thursday!