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We've had Hooper with us for many years now. We got him about six months after I started working at the other place, so...that's like 8 years? Something like that. I know I've said it before, but he really is the best $40 we've ever spent. He's a mutt. He's our mutt and I like to think this makes him heartier than most dogs. While we were in Oklahoma City over the weekend, we boarded him at our local vet's office. He needed a check-up and a new haircut. Plus, that drive is just too much for him. The vet called Chris on Saturday to tell him that all was mostly well, but they had to treat him for hookworm. When Chris told me this, I had a mild panic attack. HOOKWORM!?!?! Then I Googled "hookworm". Don't do that, by the way. Just don't. Anyway, this is the first major health issue Hooper's had since he's been with us. It's not even that big of a deal. They gave him a pill and want to see him again in couple of weeks. He's still the same dog. Still expects to get his treats before dinner and is never surprised when we give in (we give in all the time). But it worried me.

We're taking care of it and treating the yard (I think it's because of the previous homeowners and their dog). All is well. It was just one of those reminders. We tell our friends and family we love them everyday. But do we remember to do that for our most loyal members of our families? Do they know just how much they brighten our days? Do they realize just how empty our lives would be without them? I'm sure Hooper knows. Hello. Bowl of snacks. We're suckers.

Hug your pet! And Happy Love Thursday!