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Cindy Maddera


Yesterday, I read a snarky comment somewhere. Doesn't matter what it was or who said it or where it was said. It was the kind of comment that just stuck in my craw. Needled at me all day. I'd find myself doing that childish mimic voice while repeating the comment. You know, like "I know you are, but what am I?". The more I thought about it the more irritated I got. I started pondering the reason why some people just feel the need to be mean. What purpose does it serve? Does it really make them feel better to sit festering in their critical, bitter remarks? And then I realized, I was sitting there festering in their critical bitter snarky remarks. I chose to stop. I opened that door and moved to the other side. I brushed the comment off my shoulder and felt sorry for those kinds of people. I'm sorry that those kinds of people have such miserable lives that they have nothing nice to say. Really? Can you imagine? Imagine that you are unloved. Imagine that you are so very alone. Imagine that your life is just so awful that the only way you can feel anything is by being mean. Those kinds of people? Well, maybe they just need a hug. Maybe they just need to be reminded that they are loved and they are not all alone. Because no one is unlovable. No one.

Your challenge for this Love Thursday is to smile at everyone you see. I mean really smile, not a fake plastered on grin. I'm talking about a genuine "I love you" kind of smile. Go on. Do it.

Happy Love Thursday.