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Cindy Maddera


You know that weekend I wished for? Well, I got it. Maybe not all of it, but most of it. We ate well. We slept well. We lazed about well. I vacuumed and gardened (and killed the squash). We made no real plans, but managed to have a list of things to do. It was good. I think this is the first 4th of July Holiday where Chris and I haven't been either camping or hanging out with friends and family. That was a bit odd. We fended for ourselves. I made us star shaped pancakes for breakfast with strawberries. They kind of looked like people. Fortunately they didn't taste like people or stars. We had them with strawberries and it was only later in the day when Chris said "Hey. You know what we should have also had with those pancakes?". I looked at him and said "blueberries". We tend to be on the same page. For dinner that night we had hot dogs with sauerkraut, followed up with watermelon. Then as the sun went down, we sat at the end of our drive watching the next door neighbor kids set off fireworks.

Patriotic Breakfast

Lord, do they do fireworks in this town. Our neighborhood sounded like a war zone. I think Chris and I were so thrown by it because we come from a place where fireworks are mostly illegal. There's always a burn ban or you're in city limits. Not here. We get rain once a week around here and apparently the cops look the other way when it comes to fireworks. Even the really big ones and let me just say that the people behind us set off a bazillion dollars worth. I donated two glass coke bottles to the kids next door for them to launch the biggest bottle rockets I've ever seen. We watched the bats and the fireworks and then went to bed to the sound of booms and bangs.