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Wow, I have really let the garden just go. But, seriously? There's not that much to do but water it. I've pulled up a few weeds here and there and sprinkled everything with organic bug killer, but that's it. The fennel is starting to run a bit wild and lettuce has gotten out of control, along with the broccoli and cauliflower. But I just let them go. There's nothing to be done with them at this moment any way. I do finally have a head of cauliflower out there that I think will makes it way onto a pizza this week. And we are giddy over the success of our tomatoes. Chris is bound to eat this one on a sandwich this week.


Last night I plucked all the red cherry tomatoes to go into our dinner salad. They were delish. And you can open our fridge any day of the week and find a cucumber that didn't come from the store. Today, I gave in and chopped a bunch up for refrigerator pickles.

Lots and lots of cucumber Refridgerator pickles

We still have tons of kale. That's OK because we have some big time juicing plans for that kale. But that's a completely different entry. My head has already started drifting ahead to next year's garden. We are thinking of scraping the round bed and replacing it with some raised beds. I also need a better plan. The tomato/herb combination worked really well. The lettuce and even the kale was a good plan. But I don't think I like fennel and I have a feeling that broccoli plants are just not supposed to grow to jungle size. We need more plants that we eat, maybe more onions and garlic. For the vampires. Any's all got me distracted at the moment.