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It's been a while since I've done a Garden Diary entry. In the time since the last entry, I have thoroughly killed the squash,harvested two peppers, three cherry tomatoes, and six cucumbers. It's finally gotten hot here. Hot and humid. And it seems that if I don't make it out there early in the morning, I don't make it out there at all. This evening, I'd had enough of looking out from the kitchen window. I could see from the window that something was back at eating the cauliflower and broccoli leaves and the cucumbers were breaking out of their corral. It was time to do something about that.


I decided it was time to pull up some carrots and see how they were doing. I think I've made the same mistake with the carrots that I made with the radishes. I should have tilled the ground a bit. Also, I probably planted them a bit too close together. The group I pulled up had two carrots all twisted together. They still tasted like carrots though. Chris is excited about his pepper plant. They are Italian Peppers and taste like a Bell, but a bit sweeter. They work well in gazpacho and on pizza.

We're waiting on tomatoes to turn red. My little cherry tomato plant produces one red cherry tomato at a time. I pick one, we cut in half and share it, and then two days later I pick another. I think it's time to try making mozzarella again. I have basil and hopefully any day now, nice red tomatoes. Speaking of basil. I planted the basil and oregano in between the tomatoes. It seems that this really helping with pest control and I need to remember to repeat the process for next year.

Red Big Green

Finally, we also have a small head of cauliflower. Both the broccoli and cauliflower have grown into these huge leafy green plants, but with no flowers. I think we're going to start eating the leaves. If it's good enough for the worms, it's good enough for us. Maybe. And that's the state of the garden.