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Cindy Maddera


I woke up this morning and laid there for a bit debating whether or not to get up and head out to the garden. The sky was gray. I knew that the weed situation was holding. It was 8 AM on a Sunday morning. All very good excuses to skip church. But I rolled out of bed to the sound of a creaky body and headed out any way, because that's what we do. Always worth it.

Cucumber Curly

We've got cucumbers! Lots of them! We're just going to eat refrigerator pickles all summer long. And kale. Poor Chris is getting really tired of the kale. We eat it in just about everything. We will have kale until forever. It's the new spinach. The squash has me worried. We have lots of baby squash, but they turn black before they can get big enough to pick. So far we've eaten one good squash and I picked another one yesterday. But the plant is loaded with baby squash. We should have squash coming out our ears by now. I've got to do a bit of research and head out to the garden center for some help or there will be no squash casserole.

Bad squash Bloom

That's the only plant giving me grief right now. We've got tomatoes. They're so cute; I've named them Princess tomatoes (I have no idea what kind they are, heirloom from the farmer's market) because they look like tiny princess pumpkins. Instead of a carriage, I'm hoping my fairy godmother chooses to turn into a big ripe red tomato. Everyone has been sprayed for bugs and Dipel dusted. Chris read somewhere that Bounce dryer sheets will keep bugs away. I'm thinking of tying a few out by the tomatoes ad squash. I'll let you know how that goes. If any thing they may just look like white flags of surrender blowing around in the garden. I like that.