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Memorial Day weekend, Chris and I realized that we did not have an air conditioner. I don't mean the air conditioner doesn't work. I mean it doesn't even exist. There's no air conditioning unit. At all. No big deal. We've gone with out before. We survived two summers in Oklahoma heat without it at one crap hole we lived in. As long as we can open some windows and turn on some fans we're doing OK. Except we soon realized that only half of our windows had screens. That's OK too because we have a fan that pulls the cool air up from the basement. Who am I kidding. It was hot and humid and the dog was starting to hate us just a bit I think. The heat made us not want to turn on the stove so we headed to the market for some cheap produce. I've had to get over the organic vs non-organic thing for a while. We are on a budget and the way I see it, fresh produce is better than no produce. So we headed out into the heat and crowd of the market and this is what we got for $20.


Not a bad haul. That's fourteen Roma tomatoes, four bell peppers, five nectarines, five peaches, one mango, five grapefruit, seven limes, bunch of mint, carton of strawberries, two onions, two small watermelons and a cucumber all for twenty bucks. I made gazpacho for the first time ever (remember that gazpacho we ate outside that cathedral Chrome? It was that good). I made this super easy hummus recipe sent to me by the lovely Fluid Pudding. Tonight we ate taco salad with lettuce and green onions from the garden. My lunch today looked like I was back on some wacky cleansing diet. Except I'm not. I want to eat this way. Weird.

Last night our landlord took pity on us and brought us a window unit (we're his favorite tenants, dur). The dog slept on the floor in front of the unit last night. I think he loves us again. We could totally do with air conditioning just to prove how tough we are. I'm just sayin'. We aren't wimps. BUT THANK GOD WE HAVE AIR CONDITIONING!