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Cindy Maddera


That picture up there is probably the best picture I've ever taken of my dad. It's hard to catch him at being truly happy. But in that picture he's doing what he loves, selling peanuts. Dad, also known as The Peanut Man, has been selling roasted peanuts ever since he took early retirement at age 55. He's 73 now and still as busy as ever. He's picked up other part time gigs during the week, but his true love is hanging out at the flea market selling his peanuts and chatting with every single person that walks by his stand. Dad has always been a hard worker and he puts a lot into the things he sets his mind to do. During the band years, he ran the popcorn maker in the band Booster's concession stand at football games. He'd come home early Friday afternoon and start popping popcorn so he'd have plenty on hand for that night's game. He practically lived in the little camper at the Christmas Tree lot every December (also a Band Booster thing) and he was at every concert, play, banquet or what ever. Dad may not understand a thing that I say, but he will nod and pretend and has always been my biggest fan.

This weekend we will travel south to visit with family for Father's Day weekend. Dad will spend the whole weekend at the flea market, so I know that in order to spend any time with him, I too will be putting in some time there. The flea market at this time of the year is not my favorite place to be. It's hot and dirty and crowded. But I think, considering all the things that Dad does for me, I can tolerate a few hours of hot and dirt. I am thankful to have him my life. He's hilarious and always makes me laugh. I am thankful that he's still able to do the things he likes to do. I am thankful for the few moments we have together.

Happy Thankful Friday.