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Cindy Maddera


Chris and I passed by this trailer Saturday on our way to the Farmer's Market and we were gleefully hoping it was a food trailer. We decided we'd check it out on our way back. The day was cool and drizzly, very Pacific Northwest and as we made our way up to the window, the rain kind of picked up a bit. But we didn't care. We really didn't even care what food they had. We just knew that know matter what we were going to eat from a food cart. It was a good decision. We ended up being their last customers for the day and this gave us the opportunity to sit inside at the table, the one they usually save for reservations only. Our chef was Patrick Ryan, co-owner of Port Fonda, and the minute he started talking about his food and what he wanted to do, I knew that he would be my Love Thursday entry. That and he gave me permission to take pictures (yes, I asked first). He told us about wanting to make really good food with really good ingredients and the love and passion he had for his craft came to us in the form of yummy deliciousness. I could not tell you the name for the dish he prepared for us, so we'll just call it Delicious. And it was. Homemade tortillas. Green spicy sauce. It was perfection. We sat inside the cozy little trailer, chatting, eating and sipping on Mexican Cokes and it was bliss.

Patrick Ryan and Max Watson

And you might be wondering why this would qualify for Love Thursday. You know how we left our souls in Portland? Well, every day we are reminded of just how Portland like our new home is. It's soothing. It helps solidify this choice to move here as a good choice. We made a good move. Another thing? As Patrick was talking about the food and his craft, I wanted to get up and kiss that man on the mouth. Here was this guy that epitomized the same ideals and convictions that Chris and I strive for. He's doing what he loves and loves what he is doing.

We decided that we couldn't top Port Fonda that day, so we headed home. But not before I stole one of these pillows on the way out.


I'm just kidding. I didn't steal the pillow. Happy Love Thursday!