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Cindy Maddera


Last night we had thunder, lightening and lots of rain. I woke up early this morning, thinking that I really should go out and deal with the garden while the ground was still wet instead of putting it off until Sunday. So I crept out to the back yard, leaving Chris snoozing inside. I have to admit that I had gotten a little lazy about the garden. I may have given up on getting all of the clover, but there are still other weeds working their way in. So I went out to the garden with a heavy heart, knowing that I had a lot of work to do. It's surprising how easy that mood can change. As I crawled around my circle of veggies pulling weeds, I felt the cool breeze and listened to the morning tunes around me. The birds were chirping, squirrels chattering, even a woodpecker could be heard knocking on a nearby tree. I began to notice the changes of the garden, the new blooms and buds, promises to come and I was at peace. I was glad I had forced myself out of bed on an early Saturday morning.

Tomatoes! Lots of squash

We have tomatoes! And squash! Actually, the squash is the cause of sleepless nights around here. I'm constantly worried about something happening to them before we can eat them. I keep a squash head count. There are things I've given up on too. The radishes had grown so tall, they were falling over onto the carrots. I think I should have loosened the soil more when I planted the seeds. Lesson learned. I had just about given up on the broccoli too when I noticed that finally there is a tiny bunch of broccoli flowers peeping out from the top. All is very well in our little garden.