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Cindy Maddera


There's a lot of green happening right now in the garden. But if you look close, you'll see bits of color. Mostly yellow. The radishes are out of control. The squash is blooming baby squashes. The tomatoes all have yellow blossoms. Things are about to fruit out all over the place here.

Possible tomatoes

I feel like things are right on track. We've been to a few Farmer's Markets lately that specialize in local produce. The only things we've walked away with were eggs and bread. All the booths had things that we were already growing in our own garden. It was a nice feeling. When I need lettuce for a sandwich or a salad, I take a pair of scissors and cut off what I need from the garden. Last week I made a stir-fry with asparagus, green onions, and kale. All but the asparagus came from our garden.

Last night Chris helped me hook up the garden hose to water the garden. There's no back faucet so we have to hook it to the front and run it through the garage. We haven't had to do this very often because of all the rain we've gotten here. But yesterday we needed to water the garden and that was about it. I pulled a few weeds. Sprayed everything down with soap. Sprinkled leafy things with Dipel Dust. And that is the extent of this weeks work in the garden. Some times I'm still surprised and amazed at how easy all of this has become.