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Last night I came home to a house still without power and when I talked to KCP&L and was told that power would not happen this weekend, I had little bit of a meltdown. Chris said that this was OK. That he, too, had had his meltdown a little earlier. He described how he curled up in a ball of despair on the bed, and I burped out a bubbly teary laugh. We lay on the bed for about five minutes wallowing in self-pity. Then we rallied! We got up and went to dinner at this very bizarre (and extremely good, but not vegetarian-friendly) Chinese Buffet down the street. It was run by Mexicans, and included a build-your-own taco bar. After dinner, we went next door to the Dollar General where we listened to a woman talking loudly on her phone while her two kids squalled. One of those kids was wearing only shoes and a saggy diaper. And I was all "Man, it's just being in OKC". We bought candles and headed to our dark house. Then our landlord showed up with an ice chest of good beer and water and promises of extension cords to run from the house next door.

So, this morning, we got up and went to our new favorite place and had a cookie for breakfast (well, a bit more than that, if truth be told). Sometime next week we will have power, and all will be well.