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Cindy Maddera


When we moved to Stillwater, I was miserable. I cried for no reason and I gained almost thirty pounds. Eventually things came together and even though I was still not thrilled with my choice in graduate schools, I was happy and content with the friends we made and the life we began to live there. I think of my time then as too much. I drank too much; I ate too much; I studied too hard. Even my exercise routine was too much. I took up kickboxing and would constantly try to kick (not really) Chris in the head. Every thing from that time was to the extreme. I hadn't learned the art of balance yet, which is funny because I've always been very good at standing on one leg. But I can't say that I have completely figured out the balance of life just yet. There are times when it seems like my life is in perfect balance. When we lived in OKC and I was teaching, I might have given off the appearance of balance. But looking at that time now, I see that my life wasn't as much balanced as it was just organized. I had begun to fall into the extreme again with teaching too many classes and working way too hard at a job I didn't love.

Do I consider myself balanced now? Close, but not quite. I've started to figure out that perfect balance is hard to get. That life is more like a teeter-totter. And I love teeter-totters.

Happy Love Thursday!