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Cindy Maddera


We have 93% humidity today here in the Kansas City area. Yesterday (and for the last few weeks really) the high never made it above 68 and drizzled all day. Today it's hot and humid and I'm loving every steamy minute of it. If I had curly hair, it would be a frizz ball by now. I even saw my first mosquito while I pulled weeds from the garden. And speaking of the garden. Let's take a look back (because that's always fun) and see what the garden looked like at day one.

Circle of dirt

That picture was taken four months ago and a week after planting my seeds, it snowed. But apparently that just made the seeds stronger, because this is what it looks like today.


Every day last week, I'd go out and cut off a handful of lettuce for salad for my lunch. It was the most satisfying week of salads. Still, the garden is a continuous practice in patience. We see blooms on the tomatoes and one of the squash plants has a big bloom about to open up. I'm ready for squash and tomatoes. I can only get Chris to eat so much kale. But I am happy to say that I only pulled two worms from the cauliflower. The Dipel Dust Tiffany recommended seems to be doing the trick.


Every thing here is green and happy. Just like Kermit.