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Cindy Maddera


Exciting news everyone! The radishes have bloomed! I had no idea they even did that. Actually, I know very little about radishes and because we were curious about their progress, I dug one up. They're not ready. But they sure are pretty to look at.

Radish blooms

I am starting to think of gardening as my church. Every Sunday, I slip on my garden shoes, pull on the gardening gloves, grab my camera and garden tools and step out into my garden. The circular pattern of the garden becomes my meditation labyrinth as I start in one quadrant and work my way all the way around, back to start. The only part I don't like (this is my communion) is the part where I pick the green worms off my broccoli and kale. They make a popping sound as I smush them and their guts are bright green. I hate them.

Future Tomato Fennel

The carrots are taller. The squash is bigger. The chard is just popping up out of the ground. There's even a wild strawberry vine that has found it's way into the garden. We are happy.

Wild Strawberry