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Cindy Maddera

What's the deal with onions? How do they grow? 'Cause I got this concentrated area of grass-like stuff popping up around the onions, but I don't know if they're weeds or some off shoot from the onion? Have I been pulling baby onions out of the ground or weeds? I have no idea. Weeds or Onions

Also, the spinach I planted isn't doing so well. I have three plants out of a whole row of spinach come up. To fix this, I planted some chard seeds. Maybe I'll have chard and spinach. Either way, I think we have our greens covered.

Sad Spinach

Still no animal attacks. I'm seriously considering a FURminator for Hooper. Not only to help with the tons of hair balls we have floating around the house, but to tie around the garden. I'll make my own voodoo talisman against vegetable predators.