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Cindy Maddera

Chris and I are all about getting every last drop out of a weekend. Let's look at this last weekend, for example. Chris picked me up from work on Friday. We drove down to Oklahoma City. The next morning we picked up a U-Haul and then I went to get a haircut. We saw Misti (too short) and Robin (I unsuccessfully tried to convince her to chuck it all and move to Kansas City). We loaded up the rest of our stuff including the scooter. We met Traci and Quinn for dinner. Chris and I then split ways and I took our old garden to Misti while he went back with Traci to get our couch. We drove to Tulsa and the next morning (ish) met my brother and sister-in-law for brunch. Then we headed back to KCMO. Got back and unloaded all the stuff just in time for a big thunder storm. We are exhausted today. Chris picked the dog up from the vet/boarder/groomer's and the dog is exhausted. I can't even remember where this entry was going. I'm that tired. The house is a wreck. We're in desperate need of some groceries. But I really don't care. 'Cause you know what? V is parked right out there in our garage. And right now I am not sitting on an air mattress. I am on a real live couch.

And now I'm going to bed. At 8:00. Don't you judge me.