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Cindy Maddera

Grandpa is buried at the same cemetery as J. In fact the ceremony took place just feet away from J's site. And once they got past that gun salute, the service was very nice. When they did the gun salute at J's funeral, I felt myself separate with that first shot. The only things grounding me to the earth was Chris and my cousin, both grabbed hold of me in that moment. The salute yesterday wasn't quite as a traumatic, but there was a second where I felt myself hover above everything before settling back into my skin. The pastor said all the things about Grandpa that I would have said and I know his words helped Steph and her family as they said their goodbyes. I am thankful for this. After the service, Chris and I walked up to visit J's site. There's a tree next to it and Katrina has hung all of these wind chimes and whirl gigs from the branches. Those weren't there the last time I visited and a bubbly sob of laughter burped out at the perfectness of those things. Then Chris and I cried and held each other for bit, taking some time to grieve. We moped ourselves off and headed out for our own goodbyes. I am thankful that we had this moment.

I am thankful that we made it home before the worst of the storms hit our area. I am thankful that my friends and family survived the storms relatively unscathed. I am thankful for a snooze button. And I am thankful that my cleansing diet is over.

So say we all.

And thank you to The Force.