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Cindy Maddera

I think the weather is finally going to come around and play nice. I type that while it's drizzling outside, but I've seen the forecast for the upcoming days. I am thankful for just the hope of good weather. This will be the first weekend since we've moved that will not be a vacation-like weekend. This weekend is serious business. We are finally going to go get my scooter. Oh, and a few other things that we had to leave behind. But the scooter is the most important thing. I am thankful for so many little things this week. But most of all I'm really thankful for the time to bring home V. I miss her. I need her! I feel like I've neglected her and that's just wrong. I see people on scooters all the time here. Scooters and Smart Cars. Those things are everywhere. And Irish flags.

I'm thankful for discount wash-days on Thursdays. I am thankful for the radio station, Alice, because we got in the car and Indigo Girls was playing. Indigo Girls! On the radio! I am thankful that I finally feel like I'm actually contributing at my new job. I am thankful for my brother who just had a birthday, and I'm thankful that I will have a chance to see him even if it's for a very short visit.

I am thankful for you....and The Force (that bit's for you, Kristina).