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Cindy Maddera

Chrome told me the other day that all my pictures seem so colorful these days. I told her that it's not hard to find it here. Part of our attraction to Oregon was the lushness of the place. Even in the Fall, everything seems full and lush. But the more we live here, the more it seems like we have moved to the Pacific Northwest. We've had lots of cloudy, drizzly days mixed with intermittent sunlight. This seems to be the perfect combination for making things grow and bloom (or bloom and grow...forever...lalala). It's not so much that I find the color as much as it finds me. Four

I know that it's because everything here is still so new. If I close my eyes, I can remember the vivid blues and violets of my mother's irises and smell the sweetness of the lilac bush in bloom. All of those colors we have here are there, too, just different shades. It's being open to the idea of letting those colors be seen that makes all the difference.

Happy Love Thursday.