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Cindy Maddera

Bottles Chris and I keep randomly finding these little areas that I refer to as pockets of cool. There's this little neighborhood we went to a few weekends ago to have brunch at the Blue Bird Cafe (whole other yummy story there). But the neighborhood itself didn't make sense. It was tucked away on the west side of down town, lots of really old homes where people have just started coming in and renovating. There's a real sustainability feel to the place. It's a neighborhood I could see us living in.

We tend to find these pockets of cool by accident, usually while we're looking for something else. I've tossed the map from the car and we just sort of go. I've gathered enough information to get us back home. Even Chris is getting his bearings. I haven't had to tell him which way is north in over a week and he made it to Whole Foods all by himself the other day. This act of tossing the map and just going is just about as spontaneous as I get (I like routine and structure).

And look at where that's taken us. Happy Love Thursday!