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Cindy Maddera

Things are going to be a little off here at the blog. Chris and I have had to make an emergency trip to Tulsa. My best friend's grandpa passed away on Sunday and the funeral is today. It may seem odd that we'd rush down for a friend's grandparent, but not when you consider that friend and her's to be family. When we were kids, I was always a little jealous of Steph's relationship with her grandparents. They were the cliched version of a grandparent, doting and ever present. And while I knew that my own grandparents loved me, they were not a present feature in my life. But Steph's grandparents took me in as one of theirs. Grandpa made sure that Steph and I never rode the school bus, made it to all our extracurricular stuff, and had Sonic every day.

So yeah, we rushed down to be there for Steph and her family today. Because that's what we do for each other.

Happy Love Thursday