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Cindy Maddera

I know there are people in the Internet world flipping out because I haven't been blogging. I'm really sorry about that, but it seems we won't have Internet in our house until Friday. Our house. It's a moderately fine house. The more time we spend in it, the more we like it. We are getting settled, figuring out new everything, and getting used to new routines. And unlike previous moves, there are no regrets with this one (with the exception of how much crap we have, so much so that we had to leave the V behind for the next trip. I hate being separated from the scooter!). Of course, we miss our friends like crazy and we have so many new things we want to share with you guys. It's an adjustment. An adjustment that hasn't been really too hard to make. We bought booze on a Sunday. We bought two loaves of organic bread for what we usually pay for one. Tonight we're celebrating our 13th or 14th anniversary (we can't do math right now and neither one of us remembers which it is) by eating pizza and chocolate fondue at this really neat little place called Ingredients. We are happy.

And full. Very, very full.