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Cindy Maddera

I've been a bit absent. It's something I tend to do under times of stress. I call it channeling my inner groundhog. But to be fair, we've had a lot to do like find a place to live, which we have done. We found a quaint little house with a garage and fenced in backyard and only about fifteen minutes from work. The only down side is that it's off a street that reminds us of the east end of 23rd. It's true that we only looked at this one house and that we didn't really spend a lot of time hunting around. I saw this place online, talked to the landlord through email, convinced him the dog was OK, and that was that. The next part is the hard part. Loading up everything and moving it in, changing all our stuff over to new address and new bank, all the random bits of moving that doesn't really hit you until later.

I am thankful for our new space (there's a basement!). I am thankful for the way everything has fallen into place. Happy Friday.