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Cindy Maddera

Rubber bands Some times you can look at something for so long that it starts to look like something else. I've noticed it works in many directions. The problem comes when you're looking at something wrong and you look at it for so long that you finally decide it's right. Then there are times when you're just looking for too long and then you reach a point where you just don't care what it is any more. You become indifferent to the image.

I love those moments where you just see something. You see the light playing off it; you just see it for what it is. No judgment. No preconceived ideas. It's simply a table top with morning light playing off it. It's part of living in the moment. This is what I'm looking at right now in this moment. It starts with a simple thought, a simple picture that begins to manifest into something larger. This is what I'm doing in this moment right now. This what my life is in this moment right. No judgment. No preconceived ideas.

Happy Love Thursday!