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Cindy Maddera

Chris and I haven't made a bad food choice since we've been here. Well, that's not entirely true. The amount of food is probably a bad choice, but at least we save the splurging for the weekends. It's taken us two weeks to find really good vegetarian places, something that took us a year to do in OKC. And we've only scratched the surface. Here's a few of our favorites. Eden Alley This place is all vegetarian, vegan and gluten free option, place. We chose the daily special appetizer of spinach and white bean dip which I'm sure that if slathered onto the soul of a shoe, would make that shoe taste delicious. Chris had the ultimate garlic grilled cheese and it was so good, I wish I were eating it right now. I picked the the spinach and mushroom loaf and it kicked Mom's meatloaf to the curb. And the dessert? It's almost impossible to choose from all that they offer, but we went with the Mexican Mandarin, a vegan cake of chocolate, cinnamon and Mandarin oranges. This place is probably my favorite place.

BRGR This place is a burger and bar joint, but their portabella mushroom sandwich will make you cry sweet tears of joy. But that's not what brings us back to the place. They have awesome milkshakes. My favorite is the PB Marshmallow made with Peanut butter and marshmallow fluff. The Moo Mocha ain't to shabby either, but our absolute favorite thing there is the Truffle Fries. They sprinkle them with crac and LSD and other goodness.

The Blue Nile Cafe We thought we had eaten good Ethiopian food before, but this place really made us wonder what we've been eating before this. For those of you who have never experienced Ethiopian food, you may not know that this is a silverware free zone. Instead you use pieces of injera to scoop up the lovely saucy dishes. The injera is like a sour dough pancake, but thinner. The stuff we had before was always cool and clammy to the touch. In fact we nicknamed it "puppy bellies". I know it doesn't seem appetizing, but you don't even notice it with the other stuff on it. The injera at the Blue Nile was different. First of all it was warm and it was thicker and fluffier. We can no longer call it puppy bellies.

There are other places, but these are just a few of our favorites (so far). Chris hasn't even made it to any of the BBQ places yet. And the Italian restaurants are crazy. You can through a rock and hit pizza/pasta house here. The pizza we've eaten has been some of the best. We're still hunting our favorite, along with a really good Mexican place. But trust me; the hunt is on.