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Cindy Maddera

Conversation 1:Me: That cow only has three legs! Chris: Are you telling me they're eating that cow a leg at a time? Me: *blink*

Conversation 2: Chris: We should totally put this in with the Christmas stuff for the Nativity scene. Me: Oh yeah! That's perfect! Chris: OK then. See if you can find a place for Han and Chewy in the Christmas box.

Conversation 3: Chris: OK. How about this? We take this load up, pull it all off the truck. Come back here that night. Get up the next morning. Take the other car in to have the battery replaced and new tires. We then drive those cars back to Kansas City. Then I come back and get the rest. Me: So what you're saying is we have a duck, a bag of grain and fox we have to row them across the river? Chris: I want to shoot the duck and the fox and set the row boat on fire.