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Cindy Maddera

And the internets? We have it! I mean, I guess I could have gone to the library at work and done a few things, but really? I just haven't had the time. The new job is great, but it is requiring a lot of adjustment. I'm sure once the shiny-shiny of the place wears off, I'll be able to relax some. You know those decisions you make in life where you're not so sure it's the thing you really want to do, but you do it any way and then do what ever it takes to make it kind of work? Like putting a square peg in a round hole. I've made plenty of those over the years. I've just trudged along doing the things I should be doing instead of the things I want to be doing. I can honestly say that the choice to move to KCMO for this job is not one of those decisions. From the moment I said "yes", things have just fallen into place. I have never felt more secure in a decision. It's a very odd feeling.

Also, I had no idea that Kansas City was so awesome and has so much eye candy. So many great photog opportunities that I may even start up another 365 day project soon.

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