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Cindy Maddera

So I went to open the back door to let the dog out to potty, but soon realized that I would have to dig our way out the back door. I went back to the bedroom, put on my galoshes, scarf, hat, gloves, yes, still in pajamas, and headed out with a shovel to clear a path for the dog. Path cleared, great. Dog can pee. This is Hooper's usual patrol route. Once he has completed that path, he feels comfortable coming back inside. Title The snow had other ideas. Because of the way the house is situated, the wind swirls the snow around so that it drifts closer to the house. See all that middle section there? Not much snow. Right behind the house? Lots and lots of snow.

So, here's the scene. Dog goes out and stands by door until you go out too. Dog waits a minute to be sure you are also staying outside and then cautiously hops his way over to the fence. Dog is able to make his usual patrol. Dog is happy, while you freeze your ass off. Great. Except, now the dog has disappeared around the side of the house and is taking forever. You give up and sneak back inside, even risk taking off the galoshes. Husband calls dog. No dog. Husband calls dog again. No dog. WTF?

I out the galoshes back on (for some reason, I'm the only one in this house with some what decent shoes) and trek back out to find that our dog is trapped by a snow drift. And because it would cause his poor little brain to explode to figure out that he has to go back the way he came, I have to dig him out. The dog is now snoring at a my feet.