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Cindy Maddera

It seems I kind of fell off the interweb world. The problem was that I just had too much rambling around in this brain and most of it I couldn't talk about and some of it I probably shouldn't talk about yet either. The gist of it is that last week I had a job interview. That interview was supposed to happen on Wednesday, but got moved to Friday because of the weather. They flew me out for the interview and they made me do a presentation. When I found out they wanted to fly me out for the interview, I balked. When they said they wanted a presentation, I panicked. My body reverted to the old stress habit of head cold/sinus infection. When they had to postpone due to weather, I breathed a sigh of relief. Those extra few days gave me time to wrap my head around everything and calm myself down. By the time Friday rolled around, I was still snotty and congested, but I wasn't nervous. Not even when my plane had to sit on the runway an extra thirty minutes before take off because of snow. I arrived late to a whirl wind of activity, meeting with this person and that person. I was open and honest. When I didn't know the answer to a question I said "I don't know". My presentation rocked the house. I was my authentic self. And you know what? I feel really good about that.

I don't know if they'll offer me the job and I don't know yet what all that will mean for us if they do. I do know that I'm good with what ever comes our way. I am at peace. I am who I am and I'm very much OK with all of that.