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Cindy Maddera

Today I quit my job. I have never quit a job before. I've been laid off. I've been in a lab that's shut down. But I've never left a job on a voluntary basis. Until today. Remember that interview thingy I was talking about earlier? Well, they offered me the job and with out hesitation, I accepted. And I just now glanced over at today's Italian phrase for the day which says "Che progetti ha, what's your plans?". Appropriate no? After the shock and flipping out stage, I came out of my savasana this morning with a lightness I haven't felt in a really long time. And yes, I know this will be hard and confusing and stressful because we have a very short time to find a place to live, pack and move. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. The new job is in Kansas City MO. This is were we can mark number 3 off the life list. Despite all that moving and starting over stress, I am happy. Very, very, very happy. I feel like this was the easiest decision to make. I think that since it was so easy to say yes to this job that every thing else will just fall into place.

So, that's that. Big crazy changes headed this way. I bet you could see this grin from space.