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Cindy Maddera

I've got nothing really to blog about. Well, that's not entirely true, but that story has to stew a bit. So instead I thought I'd do a long over due entry about my iPad. Hey! Everyone look at my iPad! It's shiny and cool and fancy pants!

I knew I wanted this thing. Really, its the only new technology thingy that I've ever really wanted. But after I got it? Meh. It took some getting used to. It took some time to really appreciate the greatness that is the iPad. For instance, I am currently writing this entry on the iPad.

But wait! There's more! Something I really really like are the magazines. I have three magazines that I subscribe to and two of those are on my iPad. The magazines are almost interactive. If you touch a link, it goes to that website. There's no clutter. No torn out recipes roaming about. The same is true for books. Except Chris has put me on a leash about buying books since last month I bought too many. But whats too many really?

It gets better! Now I have a card reader that let's me upload my pictures straight to iPad and then to my flickr account. Ha! My laptop is getting dusty.

I should have titled this the power of redirection.