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Cindy Maddera

OK, I realize that today should be an update on the Yoga Body Diet. Things are going well. I eat whole lot of food at lunch and I'm not ready to eat my fingers off by the time I get home in the evenings. This is actually the most important thing. Usually, I am starving, as in Chris Farley starving, by the end of my work day (after teaching class and what not). I'm usually so hungry that I don't want to cook; I just want to eat and consume it in two point six minutes. It also leads to me eating way too much food right before my bedtime. The new plan is working out a bit better. I'm not as hungry by the time I get home and cooking supper is easier. Plus I make enough to put away for lunch the next day. I still feel like I'm eating way too much food at lunch time, but I don't feel like I need to eat something between lunch and supper any more. I plan on sticking to this way of eating even when the four weeks is up.

So week three....Yeah, through the chaos of putting together a surprise birthday party for my mom, I never managed to read up on what is expected of us in week three. I think this the part where they expect us to do lots of yoga and do poses that benefit your dosha. I think this is the part of the diet where we start to slide a bit. I already do lots of yoga and I know that my personal practice is just savasana. I also know that I need to be squeezing in this practice more than twice a week. If only we could add an hour to the day.