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Cindy Maddera

No one really gets to celebrate their actual birthday if it lands on a work week until the weekend. And celebrate we did. We met Amy Saturday morning and headed out to the Home and Garden Show. Yeah, that's right. We went to the Home and Garden Show for my birthday. Because I'm old and I like things like fences and rain chains and saunas. But it wasn't all pools and landscaping. I watched this woman make flowers from clay and I bought my Amelia Earhart hat. We tasted wine and contemplated the purchase of gecko's toes. By this time we were starving and on sensory overload, so we dragged Amy to Pachinko Parlor to force feed her a Killer Tofu Roll. She horked it down all right and refreshed we headed out to some junk shops and thrift stores and I bought a white scarf to go with my Amelia hat for a whole dollar. After wandering around a few more shops, we headed over to Zamzam's Hookah Bar where we were waited on by a very young Adam Sandler/Harpo Marx and ate really good Mediterranean food. Then Chris and I smoked on a hookah because we had never done this and it was blueberry minty.

Finally we headed over to some friends house for cake. Audra made the cutest cake with the cutest little elephant on it that I named Mortamina. I was told that strawberry cake was not a possibility being that strawberries just aren't in season right now. I was just fine with the possibility of a German Chocolate cake. But I noticed the edge of the knife turning pink as Misti sliced into the cake and started to say something when Misti gave me that sly look of hers. I couldn't help it. Tears welled up in my eyes over strawberry cake. My day was full. Full of childhood strawberry cake, friends, and laughter and so much love. Thank you.