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Cindy Maddera

Today, I am thankful that it is Friday. Monday set the tone for the week by being particularly uncomfortable and stressful. And things never really seemed to ease up. It's been one crazy after the other. But you know you've had a praticularly hard week when the first thing you think about on a Friday morning is the margarita you're going to fix yourself when you get home. My mantra for the week has been to find peace and joy in this present moment. There are a lot of what-ifs floating around and big grown-up decisions to be made. And the biggest thing I've learned is that being a grown-up is hard. In fact, after next week, I'll be throwing the towel in on being a grown-up. Just a couple of things to do before then. Until then, one step at a time.

As always I'm thankful for the wonderful people in my life who are my constant source for support and advice and encouragement. I am thankful to have a husband who does not go ballistic over his wife losing her car key (yup, it's gone gone gone). I am thankful for a breath before crashing into the next week.

Have a safe and wonderful Thankful Friday and weekend!