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Cindy Maddera

A friend of ours lost his mother this week to a long battle with cancer. He is a friend we met through Flickr, who we have only seen in person once, but that was enough for us to make him family. So our hearts and thoughts go out to him and his family, not just for the next few days, but for as long as it takes and as long as they need us. Which brings me to what I am thankful for today. Tomorrow my Mom turns 70. She's probably not all that thrilled with me posting her age for the whole internet to see, but I doubt she'll read this entry any way. She may blanch at the reaching the ripe age of 70, but I think she should be cheering. I am thankful that she is relatively healthy and active and that we can celebrate another year of her wonderful life. I wish for her to be happy, with no complaints. I wish for her to be at peace with her present moment and find joy in all that she does.

I am thankful for the time we get to share together. Happy Thankful Friday and have a lovely weekend.