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Cindy Maddera

Friday evening, Chris and I finally made it home from a long day at work (long week really) and we started right into making our dinner of left over potato soup and grilled cheese sandwich. While the soup warmed up on the stove I made us up some margaritas with clever margarita kit my pal Robin gave me for my birthday. Robin's recipe is 3 parts tequila, 1 part water, 1 part lime juice, and 1 part agave nectar. Robin is an alcoholic (I say that with love). They are very tasty and very potent margaritas. Any way, we're eating and drinking and watching Red and folding clothes. And I realize that the more margarita I drink, the more my eyes get itchy and my sinuses get stuffy, but I ignore it all because did I mention that the margaritas are tasty? And potent? So I spent the weekend battling with my nose and a nice little allergy attack. And today? Today I woke up with a canker soar the size of Texas on my tongue. I'm thinking it's either the agave or the tequila and I'm leaning towards the tequila, because that's a new alcohol to us.

So I guess this means that tequila goes on the list with avocados. That means I will still consume it, but that I am aware that my body doesn't like it. My yoga teacher used to tell us that every thing is about choice, just be aware of all the consequences of that choice. Meh. I can live with the canker soar.